O U R  S T O R Y

Our Distinctiveness

We are persuaded by a careful study of Scripture; we are living in a time that the Bible calls the latter days. 2nd Timothy 3:1

Luke 12:36

Like the early church in the book of Acts we eagerly await the Lord for His return.

1st Thessalonians 2:12

We take seriously the calling of Jesus to walk worthy and to imitate Him both in character and His love.

Luke 18.1

We believe prayer is the only answer to the overwhelming burdens of life and all the problems we face.

Acts 1:8

We realize all of this is only possible as God's Holy Spirit empowers and then leads us in His ways.

Our Roots

In 1965, Pastor Chuck Smith began his ministry at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa with just twenty-five people. From the beginning, Pastor Chuck welcomed all, young and old, without judgment, placing his emphasis on the teaching of the Word of God. His simple, yet sound, expositional biblical approach has helped millions better understand God’s Word.

With a sincere concern for the lost, Pastor Chuck and Kay Smith made room in the church and their home for a generation of hippies and surfers; generating a movement of the Holy Spirit that spread throughout the world.

Calvary Chapel has now grown into an international ministry of over 1600 fellowships throughout the world.

Living Streams

We are reaching and teaching and equipping the people of God in their calling.  Jesus said the fields are ripe for harvest and the laborers are few. Pray for laborers in the harvest. Living Streams understands both the preparations of the individual and the importance of challenging the believer to a fresh relationship with Jesus. With that in mind we never promote a nominal Christian experience. The Bible demonstrates God using ordinary people for His extraordinary work. We believe and expect God to use us in these days as we rely on His word and power.

Our Direction

The world needs Jesus and never before has this need become so urgent. Paul the apostle writing Timothy said this; "But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come". Well, those perilous times are upon us and the world is in a state of confusion.

What is needed is men and women to rise up and answer His calling, staying true to His Word and following the leading of the Holy Spirit.